National Debt Redemption

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Scope of collected data

  • Data on the Japanese economic exploitation around 1905
  • All data related to the 1907 National Debt Redemption Movement


  • Documents: appeals, school newspapers, manifestos, posters, bonds, receipts, land patents, passbooks
  • Memoirs: biographies, memoranda, memoirs, autobiographies
  • Records: Hyanggyo(Korean Confucian School) papers, school magazines
  • Photos: various records, portraits, and so on
  • Others: materials with historical value

Collection methods

  • Donations: Transference of the right of management and ownership to the National Debt Redemption Movement Memorial Association, free of charge
  • Trust (loan): Temporary or long-term transference of the right of management to the National Debt Redemption Movement Memorial Association

Donor privileges

  • Donor’s name, printed in the exhibition
  • Provision of various publications, such as bulletins
  • Invitations to events

Period of collection : throughout the year


  • The Commemorative Association of Foreign Debt Redemption Movement, 670 National Debt Redemption Road (Gukchaebosang-ro / 42 Dongin-dong 2-ga), Jung-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City
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